What is a Boaxt?
Boaxt is a technical principle: a boat in a container. It meets a need: to generate space - stationary or mobile - on water.

The “Box” component designates a standardized ISO container, which, by unfolding very quickly, is transformed into the “Boat” component, more exactly into a barge, a floating structure, on sea or on river, fixed or mobile, answering multiple possible uses. Juxtaposed and coupled with others, Boaxt offers large dry spaces reclaimed on water.

After use, when folded, Boaxt rbecomes a simple standardized ISO container that can be stacked to reduce its storage footprint and can be handled by any means such as cranes, gantry cranes or forklift trucks, or transported by multimodal means by land, air, river or sea.

Boaxt, at the heart of the challenges
From Venice to African lake markets, from Monaco to Singapore, from the Amazon to the lagoons of Polynesia... for immemorial times and all over the planet, human communities have sought to reclaim spaces over liquid elements, to live in symbiosis between land, sky and water.

Boaxt responds in a practical way to this desire for expansion. Boaxt is a container that can be transported by land, sea or river, and even by air. Solid, easily stored and handled, known to all, the ISO shipping container is the keystone of world trade. Boaxt Boaxt is a radically innovative container that can be used in all modes and under all skies.

Its multimodal nature makes it a key vector for the development of territories. It saves space on water and adapts very quickly to all configurations thanks to its ease of deployment, whether fixed or mobile. It can be autonomous as soon as it is launched.
Potential use cases
Boaxt potential use cases have no other limit than the creative capacity of human imagination.

The list of Boaxt variations is endless. At a time when, on a global scale, demographics increase is combined with climate change, rising waters and shrinking habitable land, Boaxt contributes to a better employability of spaces and favors an optimized revitalization of territories.

This vision, which motivates us and position ourselves as actors to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, in a spirit of unity and harmony, is what we wanted to express in our Manifesto.
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