Unfold Space
Saving space on water, making new spaces available ... Possibilities of Boaxts' usage are only limited by the creativity of human minds!
Here are a dozen examples among many others:

Large events, fairs, and exhibitions... Very often, the organizers are confronted with an obvious lack of space.

Both on land and on water, Boaxt allows to quickly unfold new spaces, reducing operating costs.
Tourism and culture:

Travelling or temporary exhibitions, show stages, duplex conferences, dance floors or musical spaces, terrace extensions for cafés or restaurants...

So many new and mobile spaces on water... and also on land, as Boaxt can also become an elevated stage. In fact, all forms of festivities, tourism and culture are concerned here.
Sport :

Many sports combine water and land as fields of activity. The ease and speed of Boaxt deployment makes it an ideal facilitating vector for sport events.

Moored together and extended on two floors, Boaxts offers great accommodation capabilities, for all kinds of public:
construction workers, event supporters, tourists or people in needs...

Boaxt facilitates professionals’ life in need for mobile and stable workshop platform to accommodate their teams and deploy equipment.
Harbour and industrial maintenance:

Boaxt is the ideal tool to support harbours and marinas’ maintenance and more generally, industrial activities.
Research and development:

Thanks to its multimodal nature, Boaxt allows scientific activities to leave the heart of urban centers and be easily projected in most challenging areas on the planet.

With Boaxt , universities, institutes and foundations benefit from a technical support ensuring a perfect coherence between intellectual activity and field work
Public service
and territorial administration:

In many countries, the public administration encounters challenges ensuring some homogeneity in territorial planning, given the difficulties inherent to a complex geography, mixing land and water.

Boaxt is an admirable complement to the road network where it is easily transportable and allows the territorial administration - and public services in general - to support populations in the most remote regions.

Able to host mobile monitoring, analysis and depollution stations for the most isolated aquatic systems, Boaxt is the ideal tool to promote environmental protection as close to the field as possible, from sample collection to fight against microplastics.

Its exemplary multimodality makes Boaxt an ideal vehicle to be deployed - particularly by helicopter or airlift - in the shortest possible time to areas affected by natural disasters, especially floods, to facilitate the deployment of first aid to populations.
Defense and security:

River or lake crossing for light military vehicles; patrolling; logistical support; ability to move highly sophisticated material in hard-to-reach areas... so many applications that can encourage both the armed forces and civil security to adopt Boaxt.
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